Hello, and thank you for stopping by and checking out my full bio out. My name is Scott Castro, and I currently work as an English and technology educator at El Rancho Charter School in Orange County, California. I have worked at El Rancho for 10 years, and in the last 3 years, I had the opportunity to author policy and implement the first BYOD iPad program in our district. This program was recognized by the Orange County Register (link to newspaper), which also named our school the top middle school in the county. I am 37 and have a wife and 3 kids, one being a state qualified runner that is in the process of deciding on which college to attend.

My undergraduate coursework is from California State University, Fullerton, UC Irvine, and National University. My experience with educational technology as an adult goes back to the mid-90s when the Internet was in its infancy, and Blackboard was first on the scene. I became certified in HTML and other programming languages, which ultimately led to a side job designing websites. When digital book devices began to hit the market in mass in 2007, I undertook designing eBooks for Kindle and iBooks (all public domain titles). Our catalog is now exclusively on the iBookstore, with all of our classic selections having text and full audiobooks embedded in them. An interesting fact about our company is that we were the first company to program audiobooks into titles on the iBookstore. The iBookstore format has changed in the last year, but we still maintain high visibility.

My educational philosophy goes as follows. All students can find joy in learning with technology. There is an app for every type of student, and I have made it my mission to make this true in my iPad classes. Whether it’s a struggling reader, or a student looking for a way to participate in class without being timid, there are applications that fulfill the needs of all students. I feel being creative is not limited to a select group of students, and technology can inspire, teach, and force (in a good way) creativity on all. I feel the program at Boise State will help me get a bigger grasp of knowledge regarding my philosophy and help with the pedagogy aspect of educational technology so I can put my job into practice more effectively.

Apps I enjoy? Google Drive, iMovie, Adobe Voice, Dropbox, Notability, Adobe Slate, Garageband, iBooks Author, Pic Collage, No Red Ink, Kahoot, Prezi, Snapseed, and Elevate. There’s more, I’m sure..