If your school has an iPad BYOD, cart, or 1-to-1 program, then you may have heard about or use Ginger Labs award-winning note taking an application, Notability. With hundreds of thousands of users, superior accessibility functions, and an interface that is user-friendly, what’s not to like? Beyond the organizational, security, editing, and syncing functions, Notability is a fantastic tool for illustrating. In this post, we wanted to share the video below on how to use Notability for illustrating. Most teachers have students that shrug their heads in disgust when given instructional goals involving illustrating. You know the ones—heck, I was one of them. Shrug no more! If you have those struggling illustrators, here’s a quick video on how to circumvent this:

Advantages of Notability for Illustrating

  • Multiple pencil sizes and colors
  • Highlighter for different shades
  • Cut and paste, permitting users to move images around
  • Selection tool, allowing users to make illustrations bigger and smaller by using the pinch hand motions
  • Image tracing. Why? Because you can. A great alternative for students that don’t like to or don’t know how to illustrate.