This one is for all those iPad one-to-one facilitators out there looking for an engaging activity to jump-start the new school year. For this activity, one will need the free applications Canva and Snapseed (other image filtering applications work too). If your school district has adopted GAFE, then the Google sign-on ID works fantastic with Canva. Along with the two applications mentioned above, students will need access to the website, so please check with your schools filter prior to starting this exercise.

For this activity, students will create a series of minimalist posters based on their favorite book and movie. Students will need a working definition of what minimalist art is. For this assignment, tell them that minimalist art conveys a meaning or central idea of a piece of work in a simple but effective design. There are several image examples at the bottom of this post to share with them, so feel free to download them. Here are the steps needed to complete this exercise:

Step One

Instruct students to think about their favorite book and movie. Have them develop ideas for symbols or themes that occur in the book or movie. Instruct them to brainstorm five ideas. Of these five ideas, direct them to imagine images that relate figuratively or literally to them. Once they have established their image idea, it is time to move on the next step.

Step Two

After the learners have decided on an image, it is now time to find it. Have students navigate to It is always a good idea to check with the network filtering settings before searching this site. Using the search bar, instruct students to write in their search terms. This can take 10-20 minutes. Once the image is found, have learners save it in 512 x 512 PNG format. When they have the icon, it will automatically appear in the photos section of the iPad. Once this is complete, it’s time for Step Three.

Step Three

Instruct the learners open the Canva application. When open, have them navigate to the poster template. Once in the poster template, have them upload their icon to the poster. Learners can then customize the size of the icon and placement, as well as change the background color of the poster. Once students have stylized their template, instruct them to insert a text box. Once inserted, have them write out the book or movie title. They could also insert the director or author in a separate text box. Encourage them to explore the different fonts and sizes. Remember, because this is a minimalist assignment, only the title and author will do. Once completed, instruct the learners to save their poster to photos on their iPad and then it is on to the last step.

Step Four

Instruct the learners to open Snapseed. Once in Snapseed, have the learners import their poster image. Using the filters and editing tools, guide the learners to explore the different styles and filters until they are satisfied with a design. When completed, instruct the learners to export the poster to their photos on their iPads. They are done! Depending on the LMS being used, one can have them uploaded it an assignment box. Or, if learners have Google accounts, they can upload the file to Drive and share it with their teacher.

This concludes the minimalist poster assignment. See some awesome creations below by some amazing students.