As a young reader, finding the right book can be challenging. With an abundance of genres, which are often saturated with hundreds of titles, getting lost in deciding what to read is often the outcome. Web-based literacy programs like Reading Counts and Accelerated Reader reach millions of young readers each year by providing formative assessment tools related to books read. Both of these literacy programs track student words read, vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, and use various analytics to track literacy growth over an extended period. One of the biggest hurdles for students and parents in navigating the book database to find books within a student’s designative Lexile reading range. Some parents and students do not know that a website containing a book catalog exists related to Reading Counts and Accelerated Reader.

So for this post, I will share a worked example video on how to access the Accelerated Reader book catalog and search for target books within a students’ reading range. The purpose of this video is to provide students and parents with the access to digital media to assist in finding the correct books for students.