As young learners enter the dog days of summer, the risk of complacency becomes more and more of a challenge to parents. Trying to find a balance between physical activity, technology use, and academic enrichment often counters even the most motivated youngster. With tablet technology enveloping the leaders of tomorrow, how can parents keep them interested in technology, but also enforce a physical world that includes critical thinking and problem-solving skills? Enter Osmo, a critical thinking, social development, and physically interactive application (with tangible game pieces) made for the iPad. Using and iPad camera and a nifty mirror, Osmo allows for students to move away from the screen and interact with physical world applications including mathematics, language arts, coding, commerce, and art. Whether a child is making pizza and counting money in Pizza Co, throwing together engaging code sequences in Coding Jam or learning grade level vocabulary with Words, there’s a little bit for every learner.

As a critical thinking and problem-solving game, learners can push the limits and stretch the boundaries of their imaginations, especially during those long summer days. With over seven interactive games covering all areas of STEAM learning, Osmo has a dedicated community of practice of parents and teachers alike, all creating and exploring new and exciting ways to keep technology in learners lives, but away from the physical addiction of a screen.

The question is, do you Osmo? What can you see are the potential benefits or disadvantages? And, could Osmo be a great STEAM application for diverse learners?

Check out application and games and let me know what you think.