Greetings all! Well, I’m almost finished with the EdTech MET program here at Boise State (taking portfolio too) and decided on taking Blogging in the Classroom because I am continuously looking for ways to integrate new technologies into my classroom. The great thing about the MET program is the practical nature of the courses that one can immediately¬†blend into one’s teaching practice or other professional pursuits. I can say without certainty that I am walking away from this program with a fist full of knowledge and an overwhelming measure of confidence in my profession. One of the most interesting avenues I have enjoyed researching is constructivist learning theory. Specifically, how LMSs—including those with blog integration—deliver a constructivist learning model to learners. Here’s a brief excerpt from a paper I wrote pertaining to constructivist learning theory and weblogs:

“According to Kim (2001), constructivists perceive the process of learning as social processes that are shaped by the outside world where meaningful learning occurs when individuals are engaged in social activities (p. 3)…The inclusion of RSS feed support allows users to subscribe to favorite blogs and be notified of updated content, putting the power of communicating and organizing information into the hands of all users and stakeholders (Reigeluth et al., 2008). Though individual in nature, weblogs can allow learners to create aggregated content while making personal connections and subsequent interpretations of content.¬†This interaction of subscribing to particular weblogs via RSS and constructing written response comments indicates that one is actively participating in networks, which is rooted in constructivism because the learner takes an active part in the acquisition, construction, and sharing of knowledge (Daalsgard, 2006).”

From what I learned in this paper, is that social constructivism is alive and well in my current courses that I instruct, and I hope this course allows me to explore this theory further, and look forward to participating and learning with you all this summer. Here’s a brief video I made using Go Animate for EdTech 513 Multimedia. I am tolerably the same guy in this video which I made in February.


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