For this assignment, I created a screencast for a faded worked example that shows users how to create, name, and share a Google Doc. The Camtasia software was used for creating this screencast with little difficulties in producing the final product. The idea of faded work examples was a difficult task to grasp. This, along with trying to apply all the multimedia principles accurately studied this quarter, made for a challenging undertaking. The biggest challenge was trying to carefully developĀ an example for learners to complete in the lesson, and hope I did this correctly.

To begin, I wrote the script, covering central ideas that discussed in the screencast. This was done on my iPad, so I could read it as I narrated. Along with the script, I used Google Slides for the introduction of the screencast. Admittedly, I recorded the screencast two times, with only minor edits for the final product. My example can be found below: