For this Google Slides presentation, I was tasked with creating an outline of “Chapter 11” that follows the multimedia principles learned thus far in EdTech 513. To begin, this was only my third presentation I have created with Google Slides. I have used Prezi for the past seven years, so I am still getting familiar with all the functions in the application. Not related to my process of creation, I did notice that presentation mode permits users to ask questions in real-time, which I see as a major bonus for audiences to ask for clarification of content.

In providing a brief overview of “Chapter 11”, the text discussed the five principles of worked examples, which is “a step-by-step demonstration of how to perform a task or solve a problem.” Examples are provided, including the benefits of worked examples for learners. The text, like previous chapters, does discuss limitations which I feel is a great addition because it allows the reader to observe all the angles. Emphasis is directed to the importance of explaining instructional explanations of worked examples. This includes the addition of a help button to assist learners. The chapter covers much more, but I will let the link below speak for the rest of this post.

Chapter 11