For this project, we were tasked with a digital storytelling video. For this project, I used an iPhone to film it and made the edits and produced the video with iMovie on my iPad Air 2. Though not as complete as iMovie on a Mac, the iPad version is an app I use with my English students for various multimedia projects, so I do have familiarity with it. The video is a take on tall tales, and how the state of Oregon came to be, so it follows a traditional fictional plot diagram. I filmed this at a local park with my son and the footage is meant to follow closely to that of a silent film, though the narration was added to give it a western/Manifest Destiny-esque mood and tone. The silent film music is from Kevin McCleod and cited at the end of the film. Along with narration, I completed the closed captioning (CC) function so written words matched with the spoken word. A big thank you to YouTube for Educators at Boise State for making this a part of the curriculum. Here’s a link to my video: