For this multimedia project, I was tasked with creating a narrated Prezi on one chapter from my course textbook.

This Prezi can be found here.

What started out as something I perceived to be easy, turned into a challenge. For example, my presentation focused on “Chapter 7” of our course text which covers Redundancy Principles 1 and 2. Within these principles, cognitive theory suggests that narration, text, and pictures can lead to the over processing of information. Therefore, including all of these components can limit the amount of information learners retain.

The most difficult part of this Prezi was trying to follow the principles while making my Prezi on these same exact principles. I was stuck between how to use an image with narration or just using text. Because the project required narration, I was cognizant of how to integrate it on slides, and omitted text appropriately. I did, however, use Principle 2 to include minimal text on two slides because I thought it would better help learners process the information. This rule states “Only a few keywords are presented to the graphic being described, so I followed it, minimally. Altogether, challenging, but a great look at creating effective presentations for future courseware in my classes.

Note, for the audio, my microphone was not workings, so I used Apple earbuds with Audacity.