To begin, I am not an artist. Disclaimer inserted. This was a challenging project because of my lack of sketching abilities with the iPad device. I tend to avoid using the iPad for anything illustration oriented but do use it to annotate with the application, Notability. Because of my familiarity with Notability, I choose to use it for my first every sketchnote. I had the opportunity to observe a colleagues weekend CUE presentation on sketchnoting, so that was an eye opening experience. I feel that practice will lead to a better design and will assist in developing a deeper understanding of the message one is trying to convey. Regarding Notability, the first issue is trying to establish a comfortable way to illustrate. Notability does have the hand-pressure function, so one’s palm does not prompt digital ink—most of the time. The colors are limited but do not underestimate the highlighter tool. It can work wonders with shading and textures. The cutting tool is equally important because one can make objects bigger and smaller, copy, and move icons and text around as needed. It took practice and more practice to feel comfortable. That with a whole bunch of erasing and starting over was a standard process throughout my notetaking. I thought it would be easy and was humbled at how much goes into this. I did make the mistake of researching sketchnotes and found some that were out of this world. This did not help the confidence factor. Something as simple as drawing the block letters proved to be extremely frustrating because my digital ink just was not working the way I wanted it to. This frustration prompted a swift purchase of a Bamboo stylus that helped controlled the lines.

My biggest challenge was developing the right icons to try and show my understanding of Contiguity Principle #2. In this principle, the objective is to connect the exact spoken words with graphics. In my first box on my sketchnote, I use a share arrow icon to illustrate narration and graphics (the chart on my sketchnote) should be connected.  The text states “Together” and is meant to drive home the importance of both elements. Below this box, I attempted to show my understanding that sound and video should not be separated by using icons that represent both concepts with a line through it. Altogether, this was challenging, but a new form of showing understanding on a subject. Something that I may consider using with my students in my 1-to-1 iPad courses.