This paper explores tools in Learning Management Systems (LMS), including weblogs, discussion boards, and assessments, and how each together and individually contributes to constructivist learning theory.  The research herein analyzes the integration of LMS in non-traditional classrooms that are actively using technology in the classroom. For the purpose of transparency, technology is the usage and implementation of laptops, mobile technology, and the internet. From this, the viability of a constructivist learning model is carefully examined using three unique learning technology tools provided for students in an LMS. Through analyzing various research studies on students constructing knowledge in an LMS, one can accurately conclude that when applied in the correct instructional environment by an appropriately trained facilitator, students can develop learning outcomes applicable to constructivist principles using discussion boards, weblogs, and assessments. With the relatively new relationship between constructivism and LMS technology, and the growing number of educational institutions that are now connected, there appears to be significant positive implications for a wider scale of students that can now construct knowledge in new and innovative ways.  

Keywords: constructivism, LMS, discussion boards, weblogs, assessments