Standard 5 – Research

Project 6: Coherence Analysis

For this assignment, I was tasked with writing a brief analysis of “Chapter 8” on the topic of Coherence Principles 1 & 2. The following link discusses my analysis of this chapter: Coherence Principle Analysis One thing I took from… Continue Reading →

Positive Digital Footprint Plan

For this assignment, I used the Adobe Spark Page application to construct my Positive Digital Footprint and Reputation Management Plan.  

School Evaluation Summary

Upon reflecting on my research and essay, I realized that there was a wealth of information obtained regarding technology and schools that I have never thought about. I recognized it was there, but this project delved into the core of… Continue Reading →

The iPad and Literacy: Annotated Bibliography

For this entry, I will discuss my most recent project in EdTech 501, the Annotated Bibliography. First, for anyone that may be interested in reading my findings, you can follow the shared link listed below: Click here I found this… Continue Reading →

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