Standard 4 – Professional Knowledge & Skill

e-Learning Strategies for F2F Classrooms

This is the last post, so here we go. For this assignment, I constructed a response on how multimedia principles can be used with various projects in a classroom.┬áHere’s my complete response on the topic: “One of the biggest things… Continue Reading →

Project 6: Coherence Analysis

For this assignment, I was tasked with writing a brief analysis of “Chapter 8” on the topic of Coherence Principles 1 & 2. The following link discusses my analysis of this chapter: Coherence Principle Analysis One thing I took from… Continue Reading →

Emerging Technologies and Trends

For this technology trends assignment, I created a video describing the adaptability functions of the web-based nonfictional article application, Newsela. Newsela offers a variety of accessibility and adaptability features for all student populations. Teachers can individualize learning, provide supplementary materials,… Continue Reading →

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