Standard 3 – Learning Environment

Prezi: Redundancy Principles

For this multimedia project, I was tasked with creating a narrated Prezi on one chapter from my course textbook. This Prezi can be found here. What started out as something I perceived to be easy, turned into a challenge. For… Continue Reading →

Positive Digital Footprint Plan

For this assignment, I used the Adobe Spark Page application to construct my Positive Digital Footprint and Reputation Management Plan.  

Twitter for Professional Development

For this blog post, I will be providing information related to the Twitter for Professional Development module. For my hashtag columns, I currently follow: #edtech, #commoncore, #blendedlearning, #flippedlearning, and #edreform. My reasoning for following these hashtags are┬ábecause some are theoretical… Continue Reading →

Digital Divide and Digital Inequality

To start, I would like to point you to our group presentation that was designed with the web-based presentation application, Prezi. Please click the link below: The Digital Divide and Inequality 1.) What did you learn about multimedia principles in… Continue Reading →

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