Standard 1 – Content Knowledge

EdTech 537 – Introductory Post

Greetings all! Well, I’m almost finished with the EdTech MET program here at Boise State (taking portfolio too) and decided on taking Blogging in the Classroom because I am continuously looking for ways to integrate new technologies into my classroom…. Continue Reading →

e-Learning Strategies for F2F Classrooms

This is the last post, so here we go. For this assignment, I constructed a response on how multimedia principles can be used with various projects in a classroom.¬†Here’s my complete response on the topic: “One of the biggest things… Continue Reading →

Faded Worked Example: Google Doc

For this assignment, I created a screencast for a faded worked example that shows users how to create, name, and share a Google Doc. The Camtasia software was used for creating this screencast with little difficulties in producing the final… Continue Reading →

Google Slides: Chapter 11

For this Google Slides presentation, I was tasked with creating an outline of “Chapter 11” that follows the multimedia principles learned thus far in EdTech 513. To begin, this was only my third presentation I have created with Google Slides…. Continue Reading →

Project 7: Digital Storytelling

For this project, we were tasked with a digital storytelling video. For this project, I used an iPhone to film it and made the edits and produced the video with iMovie on my iPad Air 2. Though not as complete… Continue Reading →

Project 6: Coherence Analysis

For this assignment, I was tasked with writing a brief analysis of “Chapter 8” on the topic of Coherence Principles 1 & 2. The following link discusses my analysis of this chapter: Coherence Principle Analysis One thing I took from… Continue Reading →

Prezi: Redundancy Principles

For this multimedia project, I was tasked with creating a narrated Prezi on one chapter from my course textbook. This Prezi can be found here. What started out as something I perceived to be easy, turned into a challenge. For… Continue Reading →

Haiku Deck: Google Docs

For this assignment, I was tasked with creating a brief Haiku Deck presentation with accompanying¬†speaker notes. Several people in my current academic department use Haiku Deck (the iPad app), but I have never used it. My go to presentation apps… Continue Reading →

Clarify: Google Doc Creation and Sharing

Here’s the link PDF link to my Clarify. For this entry, I will discuss my recent presentation created with the screen capturing and annotative app tool, Clarify. My learning objective goes as follows. By the end of this lesson, learners… Continue Reading →

Positive Digital Footprint Plan

For this assignment, I used the Adobe Spark Page application to construct my Positive Digital Footprint and Reputation Management Plan.  

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