Project 6: Coherence Analysis

For this assignment, I was tasked with writing a brief analysis of “Chapter 8” on the topic of Coherence Principles 1 & 2. The following link discusses my analysis of this chapter: Coherence Principle Analysis One thing I took from… Continue Reading →

Sketchnote: Contiguity Principle #2

To begin, I am not an artist. Disclaimer inserted. This was a challenging project because of my lack of sketching abilities with the iPad device. I tend to avoid using the iPad for anything illustration oriented but do use it… Continue Reading →

Learning Management Systems and Constructivism

Abstract This paper explores tools in Learning Management Systems (LMS), including weblogs, discussion boards, and assessments, and how each together and individually contributes to constructivist learning theory.  The research herein analyzes the integration of LMS in non-traditional classrooms that are… Continue Reading →

Social Media 543 Course Reflection

I love the reflection process because it shows growth and understanding over a course of time. Upon reviewing my blog posts from this summer, I have found each one to be unique, covering a wide variety of topics. From learning how… Continue Reading →

Social Media Curated List

For this assignment, I had to research my content area, and find examples of classrooms or schools that are using social media projects—successfully. Being a technology teacher, but also an English teacher, I discovered that I had a broad range… Continue Reading →

Social Media Policy

For this assignment, I was tasked with creating or modifying an existing network usage plan, adding a section that is dedicated to social media. Being in a 1-to-1 program coordinator and instructor, I found some great concepts to integrate into… Continue Reading →

Live Professional Development

Great task here, and because I have never undergone an activity like this, I found it to be very advantageous. I will first discuss my webinar attendance. I will begin with webinars and progress to Twitter chats. The webinars I attended… Continue Reading →

PLE Diagram and Reflection

For this assignment, we were tasked with creating a diagram and interpretation of a PLE. Through a long bout of self-reflection, I went to task on creating my layout. Going against my comfort zone of using technology to create my diagram,… Continue Reading →

Personal Digital Footprint with Google

For this post, I’m going to share what I found when I do a Google search of my name. In Google Images, a picture does show up of me from our school website. This is probably due to the image… Continue Reading →

Exploring Music: PLNs, CoPs, and Connectivism

In researching Personal Learning Networks (PLNs), Communities of Practice (CoP), and Connectivism, and to better show my understanding of these concepts, I have created a video that shows the relationships that connect each of these ideas using music as my… Continue Reading →

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