e-Learning Strategies for F2F Classrooms

This is the last post, so here we go. For this assignment, I constructed a response on how multimedia principles can be used with various projects in a classroom. Here’s my complete response on the topic: “One of the biggest things… Continue Reading →

Faded Worked Example: Google Doc

For this assignment, I created a screencast for a faded worked example that shows users how to create, name, and share a Google Doc. The Camtasia software was used for creating this screencast with little difficulties in producing the final… Continue Reading →

Google Slides: Chapter 11

For this Google Slides presentation, I was tasked with creating an outline of “Chapter 11” that follows the multimedia principles learned thus far in EdTech 513. To begin, this was only my third presentation I have created with Google Slides…. Continue Reading →

Project 7: Digital Storytelling

For this project, we were tasked with a digital storytelling video. For this project, I used an iPhone to film it and made the edits and produced the video with iMovie on my iPad Air 2. Though not as complete… Continue Reading →

Project 6: Coherence Analysis

For this assignment, I was tasked with writing a brief analysis of “Chapter 8” on the topic of Coherence Principles 1 & 2. The following link discusses my analysis of this chapter: Coherence Principle Analysis One thing I took from… Continue Reading →

Prezi: Redundancy Principles

For this multimedia project, I was tasked with creating a narrated Prezi on one chapter from my course textbook. This Prezi can be found here. What started out as something I perceived to be easy, turned into a challenge. For… Continue Reading →

Haiku Deck: Google Docs

For this assignment, I was tasked with creating a brief Haiku Deck presentation with accompanying speaker notes. Several people in my current academic department use Haiku Deck (the iPad app), but I have never used it. My go to presentation apps… Continue Reading →

Clarify: Google Doc Creation and Sharing

Here’s the link PDF link to my Clarify. For this entry, I will discuss my recent presentation created with the screen capturing and annotative app tool, Clarify. My learning objective goes as follows. By the end of this lesson, learners… Continue Reading →

Sketchnote: Contiguity Principle #2

To begin, I am not an artist. Disclaimer inserted. This was a challenging project because of my lack of sketching abilities with the iPad device. I tend to avoid using the iPad for anything illustration oriented but do use it… Continue Reading →

Learning Management Systems and Constructivism

Abstract This paper explores tools in Learning Management Systems (LMS), including weblogs, discussion boards, and assessments, and how each together and individually contributes to constructivist learning theory.  The research herein analyzes the integration of LMS in non-traditional classrooms that are… Continue Reading →

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