To Post, or Not to Post. Is that Really the Question?

As I have explored the world of blogging, especially microblogging, like Twitter, there appears to be a cloud of fear that can potentially limit one’s expression due to the possibility of online harassment and retribution. After all, we are living… Continue Reading →

Digital Natives, More Technologically Equipped?

As a middle school technology educator, the term digital native often makes its way into discussions with colleagues. Often these discussions lead to assumptions that acquisition of knowledge is much more natural with the use of technology. While the accessibility… Continue Reading →

Russell Street School Critique

It is great to observe young students develop an interest in blogging as this can serve as a valuable tool to aggregate their work over a period of time and show an accurate picture of academic and personal growth. I… Continue Reading →

Poll: Edmodo or Google Classroom?

For this post, which requires the integration of a poll, I used the WP plugin “Poll Options” to generate a snippet of a shortcode. As my current school begins to shift away from Edmodo, I found it imperative to gather stakeholder… Continue Reading →

The Tell-Tale Heart the Halloween Edition with Audio Embedding

With Halloween around the corner, what better short horror story than to get your students ready for the month of October. Edgar Allan Poe’s haunting story follows an unnamed and ungendered narrator’s, as they slowly descend into madness. This post… Continue Reading →

Getting Historical With Twitter

Have you ever wondered how historical figures would react and respond in the new world of social media? Here’s a scenario, imagine Abraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address. I’m convinced there would’ve been some live tweeting, a few hundred thousand retweets, some criticism and certainly… Continue Reading →

Using Notability to Annotate and Illustrate

If your school has an iPad BYOD, cart, or 1-to-1 program, then you may have heard about or use Ginger Labs award-winning note taking an application, Notability. With hundreds of thousands of users, superior accessibility functions, and an interface that is… Continue Reading →

This one is for all those iPad one-to-one facilitators out there looking for an engaging activity to jump-start the new school year. For this activity, one will need the free applications Canva and Snapseed (other image filtering applications work too)…. Continue Reading →

Navigating the Accelerated Reader Catalog

As a young reader, finding the right book can be challenging. With an abundance of genres, which are often saturated with hundreds of titles, getting lost in deciding what to read is often the outcome. Web-based literacy programs like Reading… Continue Reading →

Google Forms: A Formative Assessment Tool

There are many definitions for the term formative assessment. Black and Wiliam (1998a) described formative assessment “as encompassing all those activities undertaken by teachers, and/or by their students, which provide information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching… Continue Reading →

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